In the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the beloved son of the Father who died, ressurected and gave us the Holy spirit for free, I welcome you to Ecclesia, a unique Christian website that is established through revelation of God for the equipping of the saints in this end time. It is my prayer that you will not leave this website without being blessed from all that you will read.

The Lord made it clear in His word that He does not live in a house built with human hand, but David, armed with this knowledge spent fortunes to prepare every materials that will be needed for the building of the Lord’s temple that will be carried out in the days of his son, Solomon’s reign. This is because although the almighty does not dwell in physical structures, there is the need for His own kinds of people to have a designated place where they will not only be able to fellowship by interactions that help them to sharpen one another but also where they can have unfettered access to the heavenly manna and get equipped to execute effectively the assignment of reconciliation and occupation that God has given them. Ecclesia, this website and page is one of such newly raised altars.

Before our Lord in Luke 19:13 commanded us to “occupy till I come”, He knew that earth is a compromised place full of chaos and disorders as a result of the glorious defeat of the devil in the heavenly several aeons ago. This villain has since been striving to make the earth inhabitable unless on his own terms in direct affront to the plans and purposes of God who wants His kingdom to be established as it is in heaven. This defeated serpent seemed to be making headway until until Jesus’ appearance who came to destroy the works of the devil having sacrificed himself on the cross. He then commissioned us to finish the remaining aspects of the work by subduing and occupying the earth on His behalf so that the will of His father, God will be firmly established on earth.
Through the centuries, with the help of the Holy spirit, so many victories has been won for God and while many lands still remain to be conquered and occupied, it is rather unfortunate that even where the flags of the gospel had hitherto been planted are easily being lost to the kingdom of darkness again simply because the church and its saints have shifted focus from what is important to mundane and so, we are losing fire when we should be setting the world ablaze.

Rather than going into the world to make them disciples of Christ, we are busy fighting over doctrines and when we should be transforming saved souls into a proper soldier of Christ, we continue to compete on whose church has the best cathedral.

For a very long time, the Lord has been talking about His plan to raise an army for the battles of this end time who will possess the gates of the enemy in every spheres of life and restore His kingdom back to the earth as it is in heaven. But no army can be raised without training which will be provided by His church. However, while the church of God is getting ready for this quest, He is sanctioning other unconventional platforms such as this (Ecclesia) that are devoid of denominational biases and will tell the truth of His word without filters.

Thus, Ecclesia is God’s embassy or training ground, a kind of virtual church where saints of God can have unlimited access to read everything relating to God’s thoughts for this generation. These included but not limited to Bible studies, sermons, articles and opinions, music, Christian books and literature reviews, relationship and family life, health and wellbeing as well as other soul-enriching contents you can think of. God has prepared seasoned writers whose heart He has prepared to bless people freely. If you also feel led of the lord to contribute, you can contact the editor as long as we remain focused in our agenda to lift Jesus up for the world to see.

As you join us to read everything that will be posted on this website, it our prayer that God will meet you at the exact junction of your need. Please tell others about us and feel free to share our contents on social media platforms with attribution to us. God bless you and yours.

It is great to have you on board. 🤝


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