Welcome to another week that the lord has made, I believe that no one can be kept alive without God having a purpose for it. As we go through life to bring to pass all that we have purposed for the week, may we receive divine acceleration and direction.

This week, the Lord is talking to us about what he can do to help us out of various difficulties often encountered in different facets of our lives. Because we live in a universe bound by several natural laws, we are constrain to have unpalatable experiences some of the time. These experiences, though mostly orchestrated by the devil, are not without God’s consent whom He often uses to build us into the kind of person He wants us to be.

The life of our master, Jesus, while he walked this earth was not perfect either. The Bible recorded how his sweat in the garden of Gethsemane was like drops of blood falling to the ground, so how much more are we mere mortals? Nevertheless, he is our perfect example whether in joy or pain. He has experienced everything we are witnessing now and more, he has successfully navigated sorrow and joy, sickness and comfort, hardship and ease as well as hunger and satisfaction, so he can help you too. He really wants to help you if you give him chance.

Temptations and trials of life are often allowed by God to test us so that he can be sure of our commitment and love for him before releasing something great to us. As an obedient child, we need not grumble or give up when situations are unpalatable but take it to our heavenly father in heaven. Jesus is the answer to all your worries. He is extending invitation to you to bring the heavy yoke on your neck for a lighter and blissful one. Please give them to him. You deserve to be helped.

Have a fulfilled week ahead!



  1. Thanks to God for this website, it shall continue to fulfill God’s purpose in Jesus name. Life’s shall be transformed, blessed and the wearied will find rest through each posts on this webpage.

  2. I bless the name of the lord. May the good Lord bless us bountifully as we read and digest His words on this site in Jesus name amen

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