Joseph and Mary didn’t plan to have baby before their anticipated talk-of-the-town wedding but God, not life, happened. Mary knew so many virgins like herself who were not fortunate to have such an understanding fiancé who is also godly and has a thriving business like Joseph as husband, she could remember many who despite keeping themselves chaste were still climbing up and down prayer mountains in search of any serious man that will propose; so if she was going to have that wedding, it must worth the miracle.

It is the same for brother Joseph who was grateful to God for bringing such a good sister his way. He also knew many spiritual and fervent brothers like himself who ended up with sisters who had hitherto been public sexual property before coming to Jesus despite their celibate life and years of hard work in God’s vineyard. But God has given him the best and while he would love to have a wedding befitting God’s goodness, the angel’s announcement canceled everything.

The setbacks that many people are battling with today is as a result of their refusal to allow God have His way at a certain time in their lives. The book of Jeremiah 29vs11(NLT) says that “for I know the plans I have for you”, says the lord, “they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you future and a hope.”. In reality, the thoughts of God can appear unreasonable and shameful to tell others and because no reasonable person wants to look stupid in the eyes of others, we simply ignore God and do it our own way.

Mary could have disagreed with the angel and refuse to carry the pregnancy that will put her to shame but her understanding that God’s way of things should be accepted is the reason she is our reference point for godliness today. It was even easier for Joseph to walk away because since Mary could not pin the pregnancy on him without his acceptance, nobody can blame him for walking away from such infidelity but he chose the hard option nevertheless. Like that colt that Jesus rode triumphantly to Jerusalem, allowing God might take you from your familiar place of comfort but you will come out as a star.

I don’t know that aspect of your life that God is being denied entry but I can tell you as a matter of fact that it will end worse. Peter was on the sea trying to catch fish to make end meet but to no avail, his decision to allow Jesus use his boat put him in the limelight that he never dreamed of.

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