If I were to be God, the story will come out slightly differently. Instead of going to Mary first, I will make sure I settle the matter perfectly with Joseph who holds a very great influence in the legitimacy and acceptance of the unborn saviour. Forget about holy spirit conception, if there was nobody who was legally qualified to take responsibility for the pregnancy, do you think that a saviour born out of wedlock and through what will be misconstrued as fornication will be accepted? Have you ever wondered like me how the story would have turned out if Joseph refused to be convinced by the angel?

There is none as wise as God who knows the end from the beginning and beginning from the end. He went to Mary first and got her pregnant of the holy spirit because He was sure Joseph would have no objection to His instructions. So, we see that while what we are familiar with is men trusting God and not gotten disappointed, God could also trust men as in the case of Joseph and not get disappointed. Can we say the same for you? I asked that question because that same thing that you do repeatedly is the same thing that God has instructed you against through both His word and your conscience yet you still haven’t changed.

Being virtuous and righteous like Mary and Joseph respectively are good but they were not enough to bring the saviour to the world if God could not trust them to raise the little jesus in the most godly way. Dear reader, God has trusted you with that position and responsibility to showcase his godliness but you keep disappointing him at every turn. Could this be why you are on the same level even when you are over-qualified as a matter of worldly achievements? In the book of 1Samuel, we read of how God trusted Saul, the son of Kish and enthroned him as King over the kingdom of Israel yet when the lord needed him the most to enforce His vowed promise of wiping the Amalekites off the face of the earth, the almighty got disappointed. This disappointment made him to put an end to Saul’s reign and cut off his lineage from ever getting near the throne.

It is time to examined your life. God has provided that job, that contract and that opportunity including placing you strategically where you currently are so that He can through you reach out to the lost but every time the opportunity presents itself, you don’t hesitate to join them instead of standing out. Be like Joseph and Mary, stand out and let God be not disappointed in you ever again.

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