It is good to seek counsel and interpretation of whatever message God is passing across especially from those who are spiritually mature and experienced to avoid being led in the wrong path but you must realize that any message or advice from a source other than God cannot be hundred percent correct.

When God sends someone to give you a message, the person understood it in a particular way and to tell you, they will have to pass the message in the best suitable way that they think you will be able to understand. That in itself is not bad, but through no fault of theirs, the essence of the message might be lost.

Imagine what is likely to happen if Mary had subjected the message of the angel to the advice of her friends, your guess is as good as mine. If I were one of her friends, I will not just stop at advising her to see a psychologist but also her church pastor for a deliverance session for hearing such a devilish voice that will put her to shame. Seeking other people’s validation on God’s explicit instruction is what led to the death of that young prophet in 1 Kings chapter 13. God has warned him neither to eat or follow the same road back and he was fully observant until he told the older prophet who orchestrated his disobedience to the voice of God and eventual death at the hands of wild animals.

Just like the behaviour of that old prophet, not everyone who appears friendly or godly is happy with your spiritual growth experience, if you don’t want to be led astray; cultivate the good habit of getting all your clarifications and validations from God and you won’t be misled.

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