Many people believe that if you are truly a man or woman of secret place, most things that happen in your life cannot catch you unawares but our meditation today shows that God’s ways are not predictable and how you handle it determines the speed of your spiritual growth.

When the Lord told Abraham in the book of Genesis chapter 7 to proceed to mount Moriah and sacrifice his only beloved Isaac, he never saw it coming and if he saw it coming, his thought as captured by the writer of Hebrews in chapter 13 was that of a man of faith who believed that even if he killed his son by his own hand, God would raise Isaac from death to life but God has a superior plan that caught Abraham unaware. He never saw it coming that the Lord has prepared a worthy ram to be slaughtered in place of Isaac until the angel formally informed him.

In today’s text, we didn’t read in the bible where a prophet has foretold Joseph of such a seemingly-impossible task, were it so, he would not need the visit of an angel to be convinced having been planning secret divorce of his fiance in his mind, the worst he would have done was to pray.

The lesson here is that God does not always reveal everything that pertains to life and destiny to us before they happen, what He will never fail to do is equip us with the right dosage of faith and discernment to carry on.

The will of God has become hard for many people because they believe they must have been told by God of the pending assignment but anyone who wants to walk victoriously in this kingdom must understand that God do not reveal his hands all the time. We learn on the way and adjust as required.

This is what prophet Elijah said in 2Kings chapter 4:27 when the rich woman of Shunem came to visit him concerning the death of her son and his steward, Gehazi was trying to prevent her from meeting the prophet of God. “…she is deeply troubled but the Lord has not told me what it is”.

A christian who wants to live godly on earth and make it to heaven must outgrow depending on prophesies, visions and dreams to plan life but strive to be able to discern God’s voice in the present rather than what has been said in your past. God’s will is constant but His plans to bring such will to pass can change depending on the actors involved, it is left to you to be not left out. Our ability to discern the present move and instruction of God in bringing His purpose to pass is the key to getting trusted with bigger and better thing.

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