It was Jesus himself who wondered in the book of Luke 14:28 if anyone will ever embark on building a tower without first sitting down to count the costs and be sure that they have enough resources to finish it or they risk being ridiculed by people that they have attempted what is beyond their power to achieve. When the Magi sets out from the far East in search of a saviour, they did not have a clear picture of how the environment of his birth looked like, it looks to me like they didn’t take the right step first. What I would have personally advised is to have the exact picture of everything to make their journey easier but that is not what God approved.

It is rationally justifiable by world’s standard to be sure of your destination before leaving your house but with God, faith is enough. Most of the time when God gives an assignment to His beloved, the instruction don’t usually come with the perfect picture, in most cases what you know is just the beginning and the end, how the way looks like in-between is left to be figured out along the way. No matter how spiritual; no man of God, not Noah, not Abraham, not Moses or even our Lord Jesus christ has the complete picture when they started their journey on earth. Had Jesus knew, he wouldn’t have asked in place of prayer that the cup pass Him over if possible.

Many God-fearing people are today stuck in the same place and level while God has prepared a far better place for them because they are afraid to take that bold step of faith that God has instructed for fear of not knowing what lies ahead. The Magi who are the focus of our study this week did not have the complete picture of where they were going or the people they were going to meet but out of sheer conviction and faith, they stepped out of their comfort and because they were embarking on business that involved God, they didn’t miss their mark.

What actions has God instructed you to take but have not because you are trying to rationalise the consequences of its failure? Could it be the reason you are still on the same spot? It is time to exercise your faith my brother and sister. History and testimonies abounds that those who ended up as champions in this kingdom did not have it all laid out and clear, they started on the wing of faith, the road only became clearer as they go.

Our God is all-knowing, all-powerful and all-present; He doesn’t joke with His words and if you can trust and hold on to His promises, He will lead you to that promise land He has promised you

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