Bob Marley, the late popular raggae musician sang that man to man can be unjust and that your worst enemy could be your best friend while your best friend turns out to be your worst enemy. Betrayal is one of the worst things that can easily break one’s spirit because it usually happens in the least place expected but our meditation today shows clearly that anyone with a long way to go must have it at the back of their mind that there will always be people who appear friendly but in actual fact are either looking for your downfall because it makes them feel better or those who wants to manipulate you and your ideas for their end.

When the Magi left for Bethlehem, being stranger, the first place they entered on arrival is the King’s palace where it is expected that they will get the right people and information that will help them on their quest and true to their believe, they did find scribes and teachers of the law who could give them the right direction but all for an hidden agenda of King Herod who was scheming to exploit their sincerity for his own gain!

As you go about your day’s activities, you should always remember that at some points in your life there will be setback and people will throw obstacles your way from the least expected sources, these can come in any form such as manipulating you to achieve a desired end like Herod did, it might be to outrightly discredit the almighty presence of God in your life so that they can claim that you are not better than everyone. When such times come, you need the holy spirit more because not only did the holy spirit knows the intention of men, He is capable of giving you a way out like he did for the Magi. Imagine what would have become the fate of the world if they had not been directed by the Holy spirit not to return to the palace.

Your success is a source of sadness to some people and they will go to any length to bring you down, this is why the Bible enjoin us to be as wise as serpent and as gentle as dove. In the book of Nehemiah 6:10-13, we see the manifestation of this first hand. Because of his success in rebuilding the walls of his country, the enemy sent someone who pose as a friend to advise him to hide in the temple for the night because they were planning to kill him when on the contrary the killers were waiting for him in the temple. The traps of this world is just too much that no one can escape from them unless you have Jesus by your side.

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