According to Proverbs 13:20, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed“. There is a popular cliche in Yorùbá language that a sheep that is a friend of dog will eat faces, meaning that the kinds of people you relate with will determine your output in life. The Magi claimed that they journeyed from the East to Bethlehem on account of the King that has been born because they have seen His stars – the same star guiding them, how come they abandoned the road they have followed hitherto and enter Herod’s palace to seek for directions? Seeking counsel where there is none.

Often times we behave like these Magi pitching our tents with the wrong company and trying to please the wrong people for vain validations and unnecessary recognition. Before you make that person or relationship a priority in your life you must ask yourself truthfully if your vision, goal and destination are the same so that they will not lure you out of the way with vain human philosophies and cause you to lose the presence of God like the Magi nearly lost the star.

Had the Magi not stopped by the Herod’s palace, they would have reached their destination earlier. It is not everything that God instructs you that people, no matter how close should know about or hear about. Not everything should be on the social media for likes and shares. Mere sharing your life goals with some people can cause delays and deprive you of the best part of God’s reward for you.

Take a look at Amnon, the eldest son of King David who was the crown prince and heir apparent to the throne of Israel in the book of of 2 Samuel 13. He felt sexually attracted to his half sister Tamar who happened to be younger sister to Absalom both born by their father’s younger wife but having such urge which many men has had at some points in their lives towards fellow teenagers was not the problem, the problem was seeking advice from Jonadab whom the Bible described as Subtil – the same word used to describe the snake that deceived Adam and Eve.

Rather than telling him the truth about his sexuality and advising him against nursing such ungodly thoughts towards his younger sister, he hatched a most evil plan with the foolish prince to get Tamar raped but only at cost of Amnon’s life. His choice of seeking advice from the wrong place cost him his life and his extended family never remained the same for bad.

But it was a different kettle of fish for Samuel in 1 Samuel 3, despite living in the midst of morally depraved children of Priest Eli. When God started talking to him, it would be appropriate for him to relate with the young priests Hophni and Phineas but they would have led him into the wrong path, so, he instead went to the righteous old man who though was blind yet has the right advice.

As you go about your day’s activities, never be intimidated to be friends with the wrong people no matter how valuable or highly placed they are, they will drag you out of the way of destiny and make you end up where you never intended.

Don’t say you were not told.

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