When you go out of your house very early in the morning and stand beside any road no matter how remote the area is, what you cannot overlook is the array of people roaming the streets frantically in search of daily bread and purpose for living but the question is, what percentage actually gets their desires fulfilled when they come back at night?

We are at a time in the world where everyone looks like they’re doing something with their time. If you work from home and people around cannot understand what you do, you might be tagged a fraudster but is running around the secret to success? I don’t think so.

The man called Simeon in the book of Luke chapter 2 who is our subject of study for today’s meditation has been promised by God that he will not die before seeing the saviour but imagine what would have happened to that promise if he was travelling around the country looking for where the saviour would be born like the Magi, he would no doubt have missed the glorious moments the Lord was preparing him for in the temple.

But that day, because Simeon was not just eager to act like many people, he was rightly directed to the temple where the essence of his existence would be made manifest. Embarking on what looks like the reigning idea or business concept of the moment is the reason many who should by now have become CEO are still languishing in failure.

Why did you accept to do the job you are currently waking up in the morning to resume to? Is it because it is the right one or because the pay is good? The current town you are, is it God that led you or the news of a great opportunity you have heard? Did you know exactly what you are living for or you are just hooking unto the next available opportunity that comes?

Whatever your answer is, like Simeon, God is not delighted in a life of confusion and uncertainty and He wants to lead you in the right direction if you allow him. Many people who see you running thinks you are on a journey to a definite location but deep within you, you know you don’t have a destination. You know deep down within you that you are not happy with your life because nothing you do, irrespective of the material possessions you have, have given you the kind of fulfilment you want.

Jesus is the solution to your life of lack of direction. If He helped Simeon as old as he was to get fulfilment when he was nearing the grave, what makes you think yours will be difficult? Hear him speaking in the book of Matthew 11:28, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest“.

Let Jesus pilot the affairs of your life, you have wandered too much.

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